Hurt Everybody EP – [Hurt Everybody]

I went to bed last night wishing to get teleported back to 2014, and when I woke up, it actually came true! Well, not actually, but the re-release of Chicago underground trio Hurt Everybody’s self-titled EP definitely made it feel like I was. The trio comprised of Supa Bwe, Qari, and Mulatto Beats seem to be back in effect in 2020 after a hiatus and the development of their solo careers, and what better way to officially announce their return than with dropping one of their fan-favorite projects on all streaming platforms (finally).

Those uninitiated to Hurt Everybody could listen to this project in 2020 and easily believe it was made recently. There aren’t many independent acts in hip-hop who’s projects could age this well, but Hurt Everybody stays ahead of the curve by making music that seems to exist on its own timeline. Supa’s angsty vocals assert him as a propagator of punk’s infusion with hip-hop, and Qari contrasts this fiery energy with his level-headed execution of lyrically-packed bars. Mulatto’s production continues to keep a listener on their toes, whether he’s combining harp samples with gunshot sounds on “My Pack” or firing off explosive synths like they’re warning sirens on the Iman Shumpert-featured “Coin”. With no shortage of surprises, collaborators, and raw talent at their disposal, Hurt Everybody stands the test of time as they gear up for the next phase of their career.