Hurricane – [Lovsky]&[SRNDR]

If you haven’t heard of SRNDR, now would probably be the best time to take notice. The duo made up of artists Chase Aaron and Lovsky have my pick when it comes to artists to watch out for in 2020. I stumbled upon these talented individuals through my discover weekly playlist. From the moment their music came on, I knew I was hooked.

SRNDR boasts a very soulful and polished vibe that you often don’t see in a group. To have two people mesh so well within the context of subjective taste is always impressive. Chase Aaron and Lovsky are making it onto our pages for the release of their latest track entitled “Hurricane”.  The vocally impressive offering boasts some groovy production that’s utterly captivating. Lovsky’s voice takes this thing to another level as well. I was able to gain some insight about the emotions that made“Hurricane” and Lovsky explained:

“This song is more than just a canvas of feelings…it’s dear to me because it was the first time someone pushed me to sing outside of my comfort zone and guided me through it. Once I let go, I was able to hit notes I never knew I could. Chase instilled that confidence in me, helping me realize what I’m capable of.” 

The musical partnership these two have is truly special to see and I’m so excited for y’all to hear it! I’ve attached the Spotify link down below, so give it a listen and let us know that you think!