New York City-bred rapper Flee is back with “HUNNIBUN,” an explosive, high-tempo single that showcases his versatility and artistry. The track’s one-minute-forty-four-second duration wastes no time, delivering an energetic, sexually-charged burst of heavy-bass beats and Flee’s captivating delivery, leaving listeners craving more.

“HUNNIBUN,” proves that Flee fearlessly pushes boundaries in hip-hop, evoking raw emotions from his audience. You’ll find the same feel with his latest success “NICKI,” which pays homage to the great Nicki Minaj. Flee’s infectious delivery and energy make his songs the perfect ones to keep the party alive as we reach the peak of Summer.

Flee’s organic approach to building his fanbase has already garnered success in the tri-state area, and “HUNNIBUN” is poised to further expand his following. The single’s electrifying nature solidifies Flee’s status as a captivating artist. As anticipation builds for his upcoming album, “GHOST,” Flee’s star continues to rise, and “HUNNIBUN” serves as an eye-opening glimpse into his musical talent, leaving me wondering what could be next with his upcoming album release. This is my first time listening to Flee, but I’m excited to dive deeper.

Check out “HUNNIBUN” on Spotify below!