HUES.-[Unusual Demont]

Madison, Wisconsin native and LA based artist Unusual Demont returns to Lyrical Lemonade with his highly-anticipated HUES EP. The EP features his first and most iconic single “AMBER,” along with the other singles “PINE,” “PURPLE,” and “VANTA.” With an even eight songs total, truth be told there’s not a single mediocre track. Each song contains its own vivid ‘hue’ which provides a luminous listening experience. Sonically the vibes are plentiful, with a balanced variety of smooth and more dynamic tracks. Not to mention, it’s quite difficult to narrow down personal favorites, which tends to be the sign of a highly-accomplished and/or unblemished project. Demont unsurprisingly excels vocally; it’s the impeccable beat selection and original instrumentation that adds vibrancy to his sound along with the seamless transitions between each anthem. In the best way, there’s no clear standout since HUES. is unsparingly filled with quality from start to finish. However, “BLUSH” is unquestionably among Demont’s most proud creations since he also produced the song. Overall, HUES. is a fantastic offering filled with passion and creativity, and the EP itself is lustrous opener for Unusual Demont’s promising career. Have a listen below!