Hu$band – [Father]

After returning home from Atlanta recently, I have been listening to exclusively listening to music from the city. Luckily, one of my favorite and weirdest artists from the city recently dropped a new EP that stands out as one of his best pieces of work to date. Father has always been an artist to pave his own lane in terms of his sound, always evolving in ways he can use his unique voice to stand out. This project is an incredible example of just that ability.

Hu$band is a quick 6-song EP that doesn’t waste a second, each track bringing out a different side of Father. He begins on a high note with “Joestar”, the intro is one of my favorite songs from his catalog in recent memory. “Hexes” features a wildly impressive feature from Meltycanon, Father’s go-to producer and wildly talented artist on his own. The creative duo pair well on the track, it’s safe to say more collaborations can be expected in the future. The EP closes out on an energetic level with “Family Function” alongside Zack Fox, the song released previously on SoundCloud but its re-release reminded me just how hard the song goes.

The entire Awful Records camp has been making some interesting moves as of late. Recently signing up and comers Hanzo and SEANTHOMONEY to the imprint, it looks like they are fully committed to building out their roster with exciting new talent. With the strength of this project and the new direction for Awful Records, I am incredibly excited to see what the future holds for one of this decade’s most interesting artist collectives and their leader.

Listen to Hu$band on all platforms here!