Watch Swsh Perform “How You Feel” on COLORS

As I’m sure all of our readers out there would agree, COLORS has become one of the best tastemaking platforms on the internet right now. Sure, they have their share of already-famous guests because, well, why not flex that muscle if you have it, but they also maintain a devout loyalty to putting viewers onto fantastic new music — and for that, we simply have to give COLORS its flowers. Today, they’ve put me onto a brand new artist by the name of Swsh with the song “How You Feel.”

Hailing from Los Angeles, Swsh’s performance is best characterized by unapologetic personality and charismatic, silky smooth vocal cuts. From the first second to the last, the sheer character of “How You Feel” is perhaps its purest allure, and speaking to this, it’s wonderful to see Swsh maintain such an eccentric sense of self all the way through. This is the kind of track that doesn’t just connect on a sonic basis, but also knows how to resonate with listeners on a level further below the surface — especially when put into the context of such an aesthetically-pleasing performance with an artist who knows how to communicate their appeal.

That said, COLORS has executed yet another outstanding job at finding just the right artists to highlight, with Swsh being the latest on their win streak. Click play on the intimate new performance of “How You Feel” below!

Song Produced by Nate Mercereau