How TF – [Deante’ Hitchcock] x [6lack]

Deante’ Hitchcock, a well-known Atlanta artist, pairs with fellow ATL mogul in 6lack, with their latest track, “How TF.” Off the rip, Hitchcock provides a line that immediately allows the audience to grasp what themes this song will undertake.

“How TF am I supposed to tell ya I love ya, when I just really discovered what love is.”

The mysterious side of love and relationships that Hitchcock and 6lack have ventured deep into so many times through their music is prevalent again in this track, and the two combine flawlessly with relaxed but vibrant vocals as well as philosophical insight on all things love.

The visual constructed for this piece shows Hitchcock in a mental hospital, wrapped in a straightjacket and being tended to by doctors and nurses as he attempts to escape their hold. If there’s a deeper-rooted meaning of the video, one could easily tie in the fact that Hitchcock may feel restrained by love, and how that correlates to his feeling of being trapped. Eventually, when 6lack enters the track, the song takes over a somewhat different tone, with a stoic demeanor that gives off energy of distaste – as the video takes a turn and 6lack commits arson to the mental hospital. However, among the chaotic scenes throughout the video, Hitchcock and 6lack maintain their unbothered, numb appearance, which further illustrates the mysterious side of both the artists and the track itself.

The song and accompanying visuals are already doing numbers, as they both released last week.

Watch Deante’ Hitchcock – How TF (Official Video) ft. 6lack below!