How Jovian Is Using Music to Change the World

Mental health continues to worsen. According to different sources, the rate of mental health problems, including depression and anxiety, has steadily increased over the last five years. This has been linked to several factors, including a lack of opportunities and unemployment, Covid, and a toxic global environment. Social media has made it harder for people to express themselves or ask for help. There is a lot of backlash, and many are forced to conceal their feelings if they want to avoid bullying. To help others, Jovian, a young artist, is now using music to heal by creating awareness of mental health problems.

Synesthesia makes Jovian a unique artist. It helped him better understand music and create songs that have sensations of hope, definitive healing, and progress. His unique sound, authenticity, and approach to music writing helped Jovian break into the competitive industry, with his songs capturing the attention of major industry players.

Jovian has been signed by Sha Money XL, the former manager at G-UNIT records. Sha Money XL was the one that discovered Bobby Shmurda, 2 Chainz, and is the only reason Travis Scott’s “Owl Pharaoh” came out. Sha Money XL was also the manager for American rapper, Joyner Lucas. Sha Money XL is now working with Jovian, helping him with production and marketing. Jovian wrote several tracks, including “Timothee Chalamet”, “I choose Happy Today”, “Shake It”, and “Nebraska”, which is his most recent release. Combined, his work has over three million streams on Spotify.

As different stakeholders join to find a solution to help others recover their mental health, Jovian is using music to create a safe space by fighting the mental health stigma and using his social platforms and music to encourage and inspire others. He reminds us that depression doesn’t define us. You are NOT your depression; you are your RESPONSE to it.