How I’m Living – [Quin NFN]

We’ve been covering Austin, Texas native Quin NFN on our pages for quite some time now, and to say that the budding star has grown throughout this time is an understatement. Put simply, Quin is a relentless ball of energy. Within every song, every verse, and every line is a dense supply of animation, making the Texas representative a front runner out of his state. Today, we see this under the scope of Quin NFN’s latest release, “How I’m Living.”

If not anything else, this song is a perfect example of Quin NFN’s allure in the first place: his charisma. Few artists out right now are able to match the roofless levels of excitement that he exudes, and even fewer are able to maintain this energy while simultaneously delivering some seriously impressive lyricism. Quin, on the other hand, balances it all without breaking a sweat, naming just one of the many reasons why he’s on his way to inevitable notoriety.

Be sure to check out “How I’m Living” below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Produced by Smash Bros