HOW – [CP]

Hometown hero CP blessed Chicago and fans everywhere with his latest project YOTD just last week, leaving listeners impressed with a top-to-bottom banger. I could tell immediately that the project has a distinct energy that will garner both CP and this album a lot of attention going forward, which left me curious as to how he’d attack the scene next.

We got that answer yesterday (April 19), with the release of his newest video and the first to accompany a track on this project, with production and direction coming from DamnBenny! and LDRVision. This song is definitely one of my most played of the project, and I was hyped to see this was the first accompanying visual to be released.

The track, produced by CEO and Fuego, is a tough, raw and real testimony questioning the motives, moves and decisions by those surrounding him throughout his journey as a rising artist in the city, and that realness is portrayed effectively with this clean and well-produced visual.

The video depicts these themes by filming in realistic, familiar environments, with CP posted in various scenes surrounding a neighborhood home; on the front stoop, on the couch, in the backyard, etc. He’s also pictured on a rooftop, with a beautiful dim-lit, hazy setting that adds to the message of the music well. The visual producers used creative transitions and lens formats throughout, which I thought gave the otherwise realistic production more of an abstract feel.

The song, along with the entire album, has a real Chicago feel to it that hip-hop listeners everywhere crave, which leads me to believe that CP’s sound will only continue to gain traction, especially with heat like “HOW” and the exceptional video to go along with it. Stay tuned for more content from CP going forward as he hopes to continue rolling out visuals.

Check out “HOW” on YouTube below!