how 2 find hope – [redveil]

Few artists had a year as exciting as redveil. Back in April when he made his Lyrical Lemonade debut with the track “Soulfood,” he had less than one thousand monthly listeners on Spotify. Today, a mere eight months later, he has over two hundred thousand and just landed on Tyler the Creator’s favorite songs of the year list. “Soulfood” showed potential, but no one expected that potential to turn into an album like Niagara that would set the internet on fire just four months later.

Where the sixteen-year-old will go from here following a year like this is unclear, but he’s already carrying his 2020 momentum into the new year with a track released today called “how 2 find hope.” It features uplifting production (done by redveil himself) with grand horns and soulful vocal samples that set a perfect backdrop for his reflective lyricism. Some of his best flows yet land on here as he weaves between the song’s verses and hooks seamlessly, and he also shows off some impressive vocal melodies that elevate the track and make it his best yet.

With “how 2 find hope,” redveil is already expanding and improving on his sound from his recent project and it’ll be a treat watching him grow rapidly as an artist in 2021. Check out the visuals for this track down below and listen on streaming services here

Directed by redveil & Tyler Shuler
DP: Brian Jackson