Houdini – [Dro Kenji]

In my own personal opinion, Internet Money signee Dro Kenji just might be one of the best artists coming up in the industry right now and I simply can’t get enough of his music. He has such wonderful power and emotion behind his vocals that he delivers with the perfect control and intention, and I’ve been one of his biggest supporters ever since I found out about him a few months ago. It’s incredible that it’s only been a few months because it seems like with the output of releases he has shared recently, he has put out much more music than certain artists who have been on my radar for years.

Although he has dropped off a slew of unbelievable singles and projects over the past quarter of a year or so, he has been missing one thing, and that one thing just so happens to be music videos. Luckily, this streak comes to an end today with the release of a visual for one of his biggest songs to date, “Houdini”. Mooch was the director that brought this visual to life in such an unbelievable fashion, opening up with a cartoon version of Dro pulling up on a chopper to what appears to be an old, haunted, and possibly abandoned estate. From here, the scene changes from animation to real life as he hops off of the motorcycle and enters the building where he’s greeted by a slew of horrific demons and some women who are dressed in similar clothing to that of witches.

He makes his way around the house to show off some different settings, some of which contain various colorful lights while others are more gothic and vintage looking. At times, Dro is decked out in a tough-looking leather jacket while other shots show him tangled up in a straitjacket. About halfway through, a witch delivers a drink to Dro, and after taking a sip, the entire song slows down and his world begins to spin for a moment before coming back in full force unlike ever before. Finally, before hopping back on his bike and heading off into the cartoon underworld he came from, Dro picks up a shotgun and rids the premises of all the demons and warlocks coming his way once and for all.

Once I saw that Dro was finally releasing a music video, I didn’t even care what song it was going to be for just because I was simply excited to see his music come to life. It just so happened that he used one of his biggest songs yet for the visual, and the results were pretty awesome. There are certain brief moments where it seems like he might need to get used to being in front of the camera a tiny bit more, but that’ll come with experience and I’m overall beyond pleased with the results. If you’re a fan of Dro Kenji as you should be, the “Houdini” video is right up your alley, so make sure you check it out as soon as you get a chance.