Hotel Lobby – [Quavo] & [Takeoff]

Making music as a group has to pose a challenge for certain artists because I’m sure at a certain point everyone wants to do what is going to be beneficial for themselves even if it isn’t necessarily what’s going to be best for the rest of the crew. Migos never seemed to have this challenge considering they’re family and they’ve been together for over a decade, but recently, it seems like they may be going in different directions.

I mean, they obviously have all gone on to do their own individual things in the form of albums and whatnot, but they always came back together regardless. Recently, though, it seems like there are rumors floating around that Offset unfollowed the other two members, sparking rumors that the trio may have split up which ultimately prompted Quavo and Takeoff to create their own alter egos in Unc and Phew, and that is now officially a thing with the release of their brand-new single “Hotel Lobby” as well as the co-directed video from Qua and Keemotion.

The Murda Beatz, Keanu Beats, and Fabio Aguilar-produced record hits harder than ever, thanks to some thumping 808s, an intriguing melody, and piercing percussive elements. In turn, the duo plays to their strengths as Takeoff leaves a huge impression in the first verse before Quavo takes over the hook and the second verse, firing off intoxicating lyrics that are sure to be heard all over the world.

In the video, the duo reenacts a wild night in Vegas, wobbling up to the hotel after taking some shrooms, proceeding to cruise through the casino & hotel corridors before crawling around as if they’re in a different dimension. I definitely hope that the Migos split rumors are completely false, but even if they are true, Quavo and Takeoff prove the unsurprising fact that they’ll be just fine on their own if need be, thanks to their amazing new single “Hotel Lobby”.