Hot Tub Dream Machine – [Tobi Lou]

In my lifetime I have witnessed plenty of memorable duos; Stephen Curry + Klay Thompson, Brian Urlacher + Lance Briggs, Guru + DJ Premier, peanut butter and jelly, lemons + water but one of my modern-day favorite duos is Tobi Lou and Glassface. When Tobi Lou dropped this song a couple of weeks ago I was completely obsessed with the track, I found myself listening to it over and over again for hours at a time, but the only thing that can make a Tobi Lou song better is a well pieced together visual from the homie Glassface. Tobi Lou is not only one of the best artists out of Chicago, but he is also one of the best new artists in the world in my opinion, and I see a very bright future for him. I highly suggest you watch this new music video below, especially if you aren’t familiar with Tobi Lou just yet because there’s a good chance that he becomes your new favorite artist.