HOT trash-[Quelle Rox]

Brooklyn artist Quelle Rox makes her Lyrical Lemonade debut with a sentimental single titled “HOT trash.” The talented Puerto Rican/Cuban singer, songwriter & producer dazzles over an impeccable Will Fisher instrumental with her impressive, eclectic range of vocals. Lyrically the song details Rox’s self-awareness of her own beauty, which is paradoxically contrasted with feelings of worthlessness. It’s a simple, yet clever and perhaps relatable concept, considering the human condition is rarely transparent. Sonically the track is relatively consistent in tempo apart from the excellent switch-ups around the 1:51 and 2:19 marks respectively. Overall, “HOT trash” is equally as creative as it is enjoyable. Considering she’s much more than your average indie-pop artist, it’s safe to say Quelle Rox is far from trash. Have a listen below!