Hot And Fun – [Kevin Holliday]

In an era of music where trend-following is often rewarded with short term success, I’ve found that a considerable amount of new music lacks a sense of soul — soul, in this case, referring to originality, creative spirit, and some sort of excitement that confirms that the artist actually cares about what they’re creating (which may be rarer than you think). One artist who embodies this concept of soul with every new effort he puts out, all the way from the music to the most minuscule details of the cover art, is none other than Brooklyn’s Kevin Holliday. Today, listeners can see this through the scope of Holliday’s latest single, “Hot And Fun.”

Scrolling through Holliday’s Twitter feed, every little announcement and/or new release receives accompanying artwork. Quite clearly, the Brooklyn artist thoughtfully curates every inch of his creative output, and as a result, offerings such as “Hot And Fun” are packaged in a noticeable, cohesive, and impressive fashion. Holliday is always sure to keep the bar high for himself, and with music as exciting as his, there truly doesn’t exist a reason¬†not to root for the promising young talent.

With this, shifting focus toward the song itself, “Hot And Fun” is a lover’s release, splashing the ingrained excitement of the warm weather onto a colorful range of instrumentation and emotion. With each lyric, Holliday expands his image of an ideal summer love, and from the impassioned guitar solo all the way to the impeccable drums, pastelle synths, and velvety vocal runs, “Hot And Fun” is sure to deliver in every category possible.

That said, I truly can’t name many other artists who take such careful consideration of every element of their artistic image. Kevin Holliday is a different breed, so be sure to show some love and check out his lively new single below!

Produced by Kevin Holliday, Dontay Downer, and Caleb Matheson
Art By Santangelo Williams