horizon – [KYTE YARD] ft. [Charlie Oriain]

Artist-producer trio KYTE YARD, made up of members Jon Clothier, Nat Graham, and George St. Clair come together over a love of experimentation, vision, and contemporary R&B that exudes a sweet coating of nostalgia. The transatlantic group’s sound can be described as early morning, late night music that fits in a pocket of moments when sunlight cuts through window shades and moonlight basks empty streets. The trio’s new single, “horizon,” embodies the previously mentioned qualities with ease and grace, creating a moving and euphoric sound. Recruiting the assistance of singer-songwriter Charlie Oriain, the collaborative new release indulges in a slow tempo, reverberating bass-lines, fleeting synths, and Charlie’s euphoric vocal approach result in a swooning record that submerges listeners in its spacey R&B bliss.

Listen to “horizon” by KYTE YARD featuring Charlie Oriain below.