Hope U Doing Well – [Angelus]

The limitless world of influence that the rising pop landscape is shaping up to look and behave like is arguably the most exciting thing for the genre in quite a long time. Because acts are characterized by their genre-less status, indulging in any given sound or style early on in one’s career is easier than it has ever been before, and this notion is also producing some of the most incredibly dynamic artists as a result.

An artist who has been exploring numerous sounds and styles alike for a great deal of time now – while still rising to the forefront of this coming pop scene all the same – is the ever-talented Angelus. The 16-year-old prodigy has made a career out of impressing in essentially any given way she would like to at a given moment, moving from genre to genre as far as influence is concerned to craft her undeniable pop prowess.

She dropped what was considered at the time a “breakout” single in Revenge just a short time ago — a track that submerged itself in all things modern electronica to create its momentous, yet completely appealing status as it came to be. But with her recent single “Hope U Doing Well,” she took a completely different direction stylistically, but the song is practically even more of a breakthrough moment for the soon-to-be-superstar all the same.

Taking a solemn, muted, and sincerely down-to-earth approach this time around compared to the raucous “Revenge,” this track sees Angelus proving that she can master any given sonic motif with all the grace in the world utilizing her untouchable talents. She displays this fact here over yet another collaboration with her tried and true musical equal in Twikipedia, who comes through with one of the most outstandingly crafted beats of the year all by themselves.

The sentimental guitar riff and bustling drum patterns let Angelus take a number of different approaches to the track’s respective passages, all of which are made the best out of due to her gripping, infectious, and memorable delivery throughout. She uses up every single moment of this song to its most involved point imaginable, altogether cementing her unprecedented place as one of pop music’s most promising acts moving forward, but also one of its completely outstanding ones even at this very moment.