Hookup Culture-[Hojean]

Making it onto the pages of Lyrical Lemonade is a very special artist who I’m so excited to share. When it comes to inspirational and intriguing background stories, a lot of musicians have them; but none are quite like that of 22-year old singer/songwriter/producer, Hojean. 

It’s one thing to learn a skill from an instructor, but its another to teach yourself. Those who manage to achieve this feat are few and far between and Hojean is one of them. The completely self taught artist covered all of the basis when learning how to write, sing and produce. Every single song and piece that is attached to his name was built from the ground up in his makeshift bedroom/studio hybrid while utilizing various instruments collected from The Goodwill. Over time, Hojeans’s music has already amassed more than 3 million streams since first stepping on the scene in 2017. Although Hojean has garnered much success, one of the most impressive characteristics about his artist project is how relatable and down to earth he is. His fan base is all organic which means that everyone who connects with his music also connects with him as a person which allows his music to always fall on new and loyal ears alike.  Everything about the Korean-American rising star is real and raw, which is something that is completely evident in his music.

Today, Hojean just dropped a brand new track titled, “Hookup Culture” that might be one of my favorites yet. What makes it even more special is that the song dropped on Hojean’s birthday which is an exceptional treat. The three minute and twenty second song details Hojean’s disposition on the societal norm of participating in Hookup Culture. Throughout the track he explains the delicate nuances of trying to navigate a relationship where the other party doesn’t fully reciprocate. The reflective ballad is truly an amazing offering that you need to listen to…Especially on Hojean’s birthday. 

I’m floored by this rising star and I know you all will be as well. I’ve attached the Spotify link down below for “Hookup Culture”. Give it a listen and make sure to wish Hojean a Happy Birthday!