“Home Team” – [D.Curtains]

North Carolina’s known for some of the biggest names in hip-hop over the last couple of decades, and rising N.C. artist D.Curtains looks to be the next to blow up. He just released a track titled “Home Team,” one that offered a refreshingly raw feel in comparison to much of the modern sound today.

With his ability to fill each line with subtle genius and simile, D.Curtains sets himself apart from many of his contemporaries. The track is raw and unfiltered, giving listeners an authentic glimpse into the artist’s life and creative process. While D.Curtains has seen great traffic with past tracks like “Break Bad” and “Mob Ties,” “Home Team” is sure to elevate his following to even greater heights.

If you’re looking for a refreshingly real and classic sound with hints of subtle genius, be sure to check out “Home Team” by D.Curtains today.