Home – [Mike Dimes]

Mike Dimes is one of the new voices of the rap game that you should be paying attention to. His new single and video for “Home” is yet another display of the talent he possesses as a rapper and song creator. The two things that stick out with me are Mike’s flow and how much little autotune he uses. I love the use of autotune as much as the next person but I really believe when rappers overuse or drench their vocals in autotune it makes it harder for you to have a standout distinct voice that people will recognize. Mike Dimes for the most part voice is his rapping voice. Although he may not be making his voice like an instrument similar to a Young Thug, another attribute that separates Mike is how his flow is slowed down. It feels as if everyone is rapping at a rapid tempo. It may be because Dimes is from San Antonio but his slower pace of tempo on his flows helps the listener digest his bars easier and that also differentiates between him and a bunch of newer crop of rappers.

Watch the video for Mike Dimes’ new single “Home” for yourself after the break.