Holy Water (Official Music Video)-[Tommy Newport]

Tommy Newport, a Lyrical Lemonade regular has been making some serious waves as of late. After his electric appearance on A COLORS SHOW, Tommy has seen his following skyrocket with new fans and followers from left and right. The past couple of months have been amazing for this rising artist and this week he decided to keep the momentum rolling with the music video release for his song “Holy Water”.

If you’ve heard the song already, you would know that it’s nothing short of the refreshing Tommy Newport content that we’ve been used to. The track contains the typical groovy and infectious production with the compliment of Tommy’s amazing vocal style. The new music video is a really cool reflection of the song itself. The retro and psychedelic video features Tommy in about every single angle. The longer you watch, the more you’ll be captivated by the impressive camera work.

The brand new “Holy Water” music video is out now on YouTube! I’ve attached the link down below! Check it out and let us know what you think!