Holy Water – [Lil Mosey]

When Lil Mosey first hit the scene, I was hardcore sleeping on him for no reason whatsoever. I had no motive to hate on him and although. I didn’t exactly hate on him, but I didn’t really give him a chance either. Fast forward throughout the past year or so, and he sprinkled his touch within so many different singles this year that I had no choice but to listen to him. In fact, right away, there were a few songs that I had no idea he was featured on, and I found myself constantly going back to relisten to these, so when I discovered that he played a part in those tracks, I could no longer even entertain the idea of hating on the young star.

In fact, I didn’t even realize until recently that he just turned 19 years old yesterday (January 25th), so the fact that he has had such great success in his career at that early of an age is something you simply can’t hate on, and if you somehow do, it’s most likely out of jealousy more so than anything else. In order to celebrate his birthday, Mosey decided to drop a brand-new track entitled “Holy Water” produced by Royce David.

On this record, Royce utilizes some sort of melody made of upbeat bells or chimes of some sort, a chattering combination of hats and claps, and some beyond bouncy, energetic 808s that are sure to get any function imaginable up and moving around. On the hook, he matches the energy of the instrumental with his bubbly melodies and catchy lyrics, and that doesn’t end so quickly when getting into his first verse.

Here, his voice becomes a bit less tuneful and slightly more dexterous, but the verse doesn’t last too long before the chorus comes back in. Finally, there’s one more similar verse to keep things fresh, however, this verse seems even shorter than the first. Obviously, this is a hook-forward song, as most Lil Mosey songs seem to be, but he is an absolute master of any and every chorus he has ever brought to life, so I don’t blame him even slightly when he makes this portion of each track the main focal point.

At first, I think my main issue was the fact that Mosey seemed slightly flat and one dimensional. While I do feel like certain melodies can get repetitive and outplayed, there is no way any sane human being can deny his uncanny ability to make hits. Whether it’s his own song or a record he’s featured on, you know going in that it’s going to be a track that’ll bring any gathering to the next level, and his personality is just so infectious that it’s impossible to not want to get up and dance. Whether you need some cheering up or just a reason to bust a move, make sure you tune into Lil Mosey’s first offering of 2021 entitled “Holy Water”.