Holy Sh*t – [AG Club]

As an artist, using visuals to add a dimension to the music is crucial. Not only does it give fans a more tangible look into the creative vision that they’re supporting, but it also guides the artist’s image just as much as it does the impression that the music leaves. Just recently, I stumbled on a Bay Area group called AG Club that seems to understand this better than most. Having recently released their new project Halfway Off The Porch, the group is headed full speed in the visual direction at the moment, building their world with impeccable, homegrown music videos like their latest, “Holy Sh*t.”

Structured around atmospheric synths and a back-breaking drum sequence, the song itself rides a line between hard-nosed production and the group’s often-melodic cadences. With each verse, AG Club seems to switch back and forth between the two, turning heads and keeping things interesting as they refuse to settle in regards to energy. Meanwhile, the visuals for this one are striking as can be, maximizing the effect of even the most simplistic scene ideas. As a result, “Holy Sh*t” comes forth as a galvanizing record, and the music video only turns things up a notch, bringing listeners further into the colorful, ever-exciting world of this must-watch group of talents.

That said, Halfway Off The Porch is an impeccable listen, and yet, AG Club is keeping their foot on the gas. Check out “Holy Sh*t” below!