Holding Back – [d0llywood1] x [Thislandis] x [Wubz]

The limitless scope of influence that the current generation of rising musicians hold today is practically defining modern music — or at least the coming setting that this landscape will eventually take shape within. Categorization has been thrown out the window, and in the process, these magnificently talented acts are proving that their immense artistry extends leaps and bounds beyond any given tag or title placed upon them.

Two acts who embody this notion to arguably the most vivid extent possible are d0llywood 1 and Wubz — a pair of generational talents that are both at the cusps of superstardom in their own rights respectfully. Both of these figures have made a career out of flaunting their unprecedented artistry over a number of different styles, sounds, and overall artistic avenues with each successive release, all-but-resulting in distinct statuses that could only be found within themselves today.

These qualities allow them to practically do anything they would like to in regards to their approach to music; in the case of making a tried and true alternative rock ballad, for example, the two are able to team up with noted producer and artist like in Thislandis to stun and impress beyond the slightest shadow of a doubt via their latest single “Holding Back.”

The two team up for their respective passages over an instrumental provided by all three of the selected acts in some sort of manner. Together they create one of the most incredibly of-its-own and downright stunning beats of the entire year, as the infectious guitar riff from Thislandis is seamlessly contested with the heavy, dense, and abundant low-end stylistics that enter the fray towards the song’s first wave, along with genuinely awe-inspiring percussion switches that drive the song forward throughout.

That portion is graced by Dolly’s remarkable performance on the mic, coming through with a verse that equally flaunts her unprecedented delivery and sense of structure with such vividly sentimental and honest lyrical tones. The way she is able to consistently bring forth these qualities over any given style of music just cements her untapped place in the music world even further with every release, with this one in particular doing exactly that will all the ease in the world.

Wubz comes to close the song out with an extended outro of sorts during their time on the mic, and it is safe to say that an instrumental like this – being as akin to their previous releases as it is – allows for them to absolutely soar during their given passage. They come to do this with an outstandingly gripping verse that repeats itself more than a few times to close things out, serving as the most optimal way to end such an energetic and thrilling song from its first note to its very last.

The teaming of these three is a match made in heaven from the outset, but for such prolific and ever-dynamic artists like Dolly and Wubz are, any teaming between them would result in nothing short of perfection. The fact that such a statement lends no sense of hyperbole is remarkable by itself, and it goes to show how exclusive and protected these two are among the current-day music landscape as a whole.