Holdan: Music’s best kept secret is a secret no longer…

What are we in need of? Better music? Better content? Better Strategy? When mulling over the state of music in general, these are but a few questions I ask myself to make sense of what seems to be a drought in an industry I know and love very well. What I initially thought was a complex answer though, was quickly solved after getting sent a final master to a song called “Mood” by an artist who goes by the name of Holdan. I listened once through, then a second time, and then another time after that…I found myself playing it any time I got in a car, any time my bluetooth speaker was connected or any time a room needed some added ambience. After about 100 listens, I reached out to Holdan trying to figure out what addictive substance he laced this joint with.

“Want to see the video?”, Holdan asked…..”yes”, I replied.

I’ll get in to the music video in a bit, but what I was experiencing felt like a renaissance of some sort; like someone was rewiring my brain to rethink what I considered art to be…And it was at this moment when my questions were answered. What are we in need of? We’re in need of artists. Not people who can just sing, not people who can just get in front of a camera, but people who can effectively create a moment of some kind that changes the way you think and relate to reality. Holdan is that artist and “Mood” is his masterpiece.

The song itself might just be perfect, which is a weighty word, but when you find no flaws in something, what else are you supposed to label it as? From the moment of pressing play, “Mood” is an infectious track that lifts you off the ground and takes you higher and higher until its culmination. The upbeat pop anthem is something out of an 80’s fever dream. A nostalgic beauty that will transport you to a timeline where life is nothing but simple and groovy. The production does an amazing job of complimenting Holdan’s dynamic voice which steals the show in this offering. I had the chance to get some insight from Holdan himself about the song and he explained that the record came to form in a matter of two days, but was the product of several months of build up…This makes sense too when you take into account the many aspects that this piece is beaming with, including Sara King’s grammy caliber outro that wraps the bow on this gift.

To make it even better, the video that Holdan and his team produced is just as stunning as the song. Inspired by The Beatles’ “Get Back” and shot entirely on film, the “Mood” visual is much more of a cinematic experience than it is an official music video that strictly lives on YouTube. Filled with a star studded cast of talented individuals, the video shines the light on Sage Weeber (drums), Kevin Moody (electric), Puff Scarborough (bass) and of course Sara King (additional vocals). When you watch this entire thing from top to bottom, it is extremely evident that this team put so much time and intention into creating a recognizable through-line from song to visual, while making sure both compliment and enhance the other.

If I can think of one word to describe this showing by Holdan, that word would be triumphant. “Mood” is not just a song, it’s a necessity. In a world where we are seeing the excessive saturation and devaluation of music, this offering provides us with the  beautiful reminder that a creative renaissance is coming that will get us back to a place where true art lasts. I tip my hat off to Holdan and I sincerely cannot wait for more.