Hold On – [Jiccjucc]

Artists within the ever-prominent digicore scene exude an unprecedented amount of creative freedom; it’s a notion that extends to each and every single act within this community in one way or another. But what differentiates this common facet from an artist-to-artist basis is how each of them manifests it and take it into their own unique sense of creativity. 

Usually, this results in repeated experimentation within their always-growing catalogs. One of the scene’s most prolific rising acts in Jiccjucc has been doing just that, offering something of a new sound – or, an evolution of his sound – with each successive single and/or project. This has resulted in his dynamic nature growing every single day, while also letting his talents shine in numerous valuable manners even this early into his career.

Their most recent single “Hold On” is just the latest example of this methodology put in its fullest effect. This tack represents a daring sonic evolution for the 15-year-old standout, leaning far more towards the upbeat and jovial nature of modern pop music rather than his atypical attempts at underground hip-hop and r&b seen on past tracks.

But that does not mean this song is any less representative of their immense talents as an artist, not in the slightest. In fact, this is among their best single offerings yet — creating a purposefully enlightening experience that only contributes to the already-diverse pallet of sounds this act so effortlessly paints with each release. 

A great deal of this track’s contrasting mood compared to the bulk of our main subject’s discography results from the outstanding production work done by Flood and Mistmurk, who together construct a trance-esque experience that radiates nothing else other than the utmost positivity and happiness one could ask for. Its multiple buildups and chipper synths exemplify these descriptions to an absolute tee, and the beat’s other aspects waste no time in also giving off these incredibly jovial tones in their own right. 

Jiccjucc’s performance follows exactly what a beat like this would entail; his uplifting lyrical sentiments are compounded by his exciting, hope-filled, and equally-upbeat delivery in full. This not only works to elevate his artistic versatility as expressed before, but it also goes to show how effective of a songwriter and vocal performer he is by itself. One listen of this track will all-but-cement these facts in full, as his presence on the mic is unignorable and simply captivating in every which way imaginable.

All of these features add up to a remarkable single track, but they also tease toward something of an untouchable future for this soon-to-be-superstar. Among the best values any artist can hold today are ones centered around marketability, versatility, and pure talent — three realms in which Jiccjucc already dominates even at this stage in his career. Tracks like this are just examples of why that is the case without a single doubt given.