Hold Me While You Wait – [Lillian Hepler]

This evening we have a singer by the name of Lillian Hepler who is making her Lyrical Lemonade website debut with her brand new offering titled “Hold Me While You Wait”. When you visit our website more times than not you will be discovering some of the hottest up & coming hip-hop + R&B acts, but we’ve been branching out more and more and been making it a point to cover good music regardless of the genre. That is where this one comes in, it’s a slower-paced record that finds Lillian Hepler creating an ode to a significant other, and it’s beautiful if I do say so myself. This song is a lot different than her other track “Baddie” that has been helping her massively on her rise to fame, it’s nice to see the range that she has musically, it seems like she can make any type of song. Stream this new offering via Spotify below!