HitScene – [SickBoyRari]

SoundCloud truly holds no shortage of gems to stumble upon, and today, I was introduced to a brand new song by SickBoyRari entitled “HitScene” that could very well turn some heads as time goes on. Sonically, it’s a well-versed introduction into a unique atmosphere of towering sounds, and lyrically, it’s a highly-memorable release that will stick in your head after just one listen. Produced by DIRTYSOSA, this hypnotic, effortless display of drugged-out cadences and unwavering personality is special in every way. It makes perfect sense alongside the melodic beat, reinforced by dragging kicks and Rari’s floating deliveries as he takes the eclectic sound to the next level, and I haven’t been able to stop hitting repeat on this offering. That being said, don’t sleep! Listen to “HitScene” at the link below!