Hitman – [Father]

Back in August, prolific rapper Father released his EP Tha Thingz I Do 4 Money, and I was immediately a fan. I mean, I have been listening to his music for years so I’m not surprised, but there was just something about that short, 5 song EP that drew me in from the moment I played the first song, and I feel like it went relatively under the radar much more than it should have. Nonetheless, Father’s charismatic, entertaining personality doesn’t dwell on those types of things but rather focuses on making music for himself, understanding that his true fans will appreciate and love whatever he puts out, and I still have yet to be disappointed myself in all honesty.

Right in the middle of the EP came the song “Hitman” which is probably my favorite record on the entire project, and luckily, the unique and creative emcee decided to revisit the song and gift listeners with a brand-new Trent Munson-directed music video. There’s just something about this song that’s lighthearted enough to pick out some inventive lyrics but also meaningful enough that it feels like a love song at the same time.

As you might expect, the visual opens up on Father laying on his stomach looking into the scope of a sniper rifle as a hitman might do. The kicker is, he’s actually aiming into a house at himself dressed in a different outfit. Although the shot taken wasn’t shown, it appears to miss the target, sending the Father on the receiving end into a panic as he gets up and observes the bullet hole in the window. Other violent scenes begin to unfold as you might expect for a hitman, some of which show his group beating someone up and shoving them in a trunk while another shot shows the rapper sitting in the middle of a circle of all sorts of knives, hatchets, and other sharp objects.

One other scene that is random but kind of interesting shows the artist sitting in front of a couple of girls playing Twister, and although I’m not totally sure how it fits into the hitman theme, Father is holding up various weapons, so I’ll give him a pass without a doubt. During every different hit, it appears as if Father is dressed in a completely different outfit, so I’m not sure if this is just to disguise his identity or if he’s trying to portray himself as a variety of different individuals, but either way, I’m undeniably a huge fan of the results that he came up with.

There are very few artists in Hip-Hop that I always need to make sure to check out new visuals because I know they’re going to be unbelievable, and Father is definitely one of those people. While he might not have an insane overflow of releases when compared to certain other talents, he focuses on uniqueness and quality, making sure that what he gifts fans is something they’ve never seen or heard before, and it’s something they’re never going to see or hear again from any other artist. I can’t wait to see what else Father has up his sleeve this year, but I can already tell you that the brand-new music video for “Hitman” already has me on the edge of my seat for more.