Hit Em Wit the K – [DC2TRILL] ft. [Warhol.ss]

Ever since I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lyrical Lemonade, I’ve been put on to Warhol.SS and his variety of music. Although he had a much different, more closet Rap sound to his older offerings that were so intriguing but just lacked a certain higher-quality aesthetic, I still enjoyed tuning in to see what he had to offer. It was also through him that I was put on to many other underground artists who I may have never know had it not been for Warhol. Most recently, he teamed up with DC2TRILL to give us a brand-new song and music video, and although I was previously unfamiliar with DC, I’ll definitely be checking out more of his drops in the future after what I heard on this record.

This track, of course, is called “Hit Em Wit the K” and it’s undoubtedly another hit in their arsenal. The production on this song incorporates ambient, mysterious synths with rapidly sputtering percussion and loud, punchy drums. All of these elements come together to create a shadowy, cryptic Trap instrumental that both of these artists seem to be right at home on. As DC begins to spit, he somewhat yells in a bit of a passive fashion as if to say he has more in his tank, but he doesn’t want to fully unleash all of his enthusiasm at once. After a few lines, though, he calms himself and just begins to recite some smooth, relaxed lines that are completely elevated by his ridiculously impassioned ad-libs.

When he gets into the hook, he repeats the title of the song a few times before getting into a rotating rhythmic flow, slowing certain portions down and speeding them up at the end as if to catch up with the tempo being created. He switches back and forth between his lively, vigorous delivery and his more subdued, tranquil disposition a couple of times in his next verse before getting into one more hook prior to Warhol’s portion of the track. His demeanor comes off as being composed and undisturbed, but there is a gritty rasp to his voice that just makes it sound like he’s up to no good and if you cross him, you’re going to be in trouble. As he makes his way throughout his verse, he changes up his cadence a few times and keeps his part fresh, showing off just a few of the many talents he possesses. Lyrically, the two rappers take turns rapping about guns and violence which shouldn’t come as a shock considering the title of the track, but they also sprinkle in things like drugs and women, among various other topics as well.

When it comes to the video, the camera opens up on a few pairs of Balenciaga track runners as if to brag a bit right off the bat. As soon as the beat drops, DC, Warhol, and a few other friends are shown hanging out on a couch in someone’s home as they smoke big blunts, bounce around to the rhythm of the song, and spit their bars. A similar scene is shown a bit later once again, although the setting seems to change to the studio rather than the living room. There are a few shots that show the rappers on what might be a 360-degree recording camera which almost looks like a fisheye lens, but it distorts the scene slightly more than a circular lens like that would. Other than this, the visual is fairly simplistic and the effects are kept to a minimum, but it’s still a very solid offering that accompanies the track nicely.

Like I said before, DC is without a doubt an artist I’m going to keep my eye on moving forward. I thoroughly enjoyed how he switched up the vigor within his delivery because it brought different energies to the offering and kept me interested during every single part. Warhol was also a great addition to this song, unsurprisingly, because he provides some shadowy vibes to the already ominous instrumental, bringing it to new heights in such an effortless manner. The video isn’t anything mind-boggling per se, but it serves the purpose of supporting the track and giving us some context for it, so I definitely think it’s worth checking out. See for yourself, though, and peep the new visual for DC2TRILL and Warhol’s latest offering “Hit Em Wit the K”.