His & Hers – [Internet Money] ft. [Don Toliver] [Lil Uzi Vert] & [Gunna]

Even if you’re somehow not familiar with the hitmakers over at Internet Money by name, I could rattle off a million songs they’ve been a part of that you’d probably know every single lyric to. As far as their own accomplishments go, when they gear up to release a single, you already know it’s going to do insane numbers. Take last year’s track “Lemonade” as an example, because even though they’re just a group of producers, they somehow went triple-platinum and found themselves at a peak of #6 on the Hot 100 charts as well as #1 on various other lists and charts.

Due to this, it is fair to say that when IM drops a song, especially a single, it’s going to do crazy numbers, so I won’t be surprised if their latest single “His & Hers” literally breaks records. Similar to last year’s breakout hit, the powerhouse label recruited Don Toliver and Gunna once again, but this time replaced NAV with Lil Uzi Vert, and because of my own personal taste, I definitely welcome this swap with open arms.

As the instrumental by Taz Taylor, Nick Mira, Alec Wigdahl, Cxdy, and Pharaoh Vice of Internet Money begins, we can hear touching, emotive acoustic guitar riffs alongside bright, lighthearted synths right before rattling hats and claps enter alongside pungent, succinct drums that truly take your breath away. While this is happening, though, Don begins to sing the hook in one of the most smooth, captivating choruses I’ve ever heard from him. His voice is already unique as is, but the way he swings his pitch so effortlessly and sporadically truly steals the show and draws listeners in from the very moment he begins throughout the first verse he sang as well.

When Gunna comes in for the second verse, his vocals are almost echoed in, and meet him at the microphone. Here, he actually opts for a bit more of a singing delivery than we’re used to hearing, but this combines with Don’s vocals seamlessly for another unforgettable verse from the Atlanta superstar. When it comes time for Uzi to close out the song, he also goes with a much more melodic delivery that is somewhat whiney in all the best possible ways, and he was literally the picture-perfect addition to this record that definitely brought it full circle.

Considering it’s a pretty well-known fact that Internet Money can’t miss even if they tried, this record is definitely more evidence of this fact. Then again, it doesn’t hurt to get three of the biggest phenoms in the entire hip-hop landscape to hop on your record, yet the instrumental was so flawless that anyone could’ve even tried to ruin the record and that wouldn’t be possible. What’s even more exciting is the fact that tomorrow there is a music video coming out for this record directed by none other than Lyrical Lemonade’s very own Cole Bennett, and we saw how crazy the “Lemonade” video was, so you’re not going to want to miss out on that when it drops. While we wait for the music video to be in our hands tomorrow, make sure you play “His & Hers” on repeat, because that’s what I plan on doing and it’s literally the best way to spend your time as we approach the weekend.