Hills Have Eyes – [POORSTACY] & [Travis Barker]

Out of all the unlikely collaborators in the world, Travis Barker making his way into Hip-Hop music might’ve been one of the most farfetched transitions I can think of. Although I’ve been a fan of his long before entering into this new genre, one thing I respect more than anything else is the fact that he never even slightly gave up his artistic integrity and brought his same trademark attitude and boldness from his Punk days to his new Hip-Hop explorations.

Travis is a legend in every sense of the word, so seeing him come together with many new, up and coming artists is a treat considering he can give them valuable pointers in the industry while also helping shape them and perfect their respective crafts. One of my favorite tag teams that he’s a part of comes with his work with POORSTACY, Internet Money’s carefree rule-breaker, and every single song they’ve put out together has been a smash hit. Back in December, they dropped off their collaborative single “Hills Have Eyes”, and this quickly became possibly my favorite STACY song of all-time.

That’s why, when I saw that the duo teamed up with director and editor Mooch to create a music video, I was thrilled beyond explanation. Opening up in black and white, the camera pans in on the iconic Hollywood sign, although it is adjusted for the visual to say the word “Hollyweird”. STACY wakes up face down in the dirt before rising up as the song plays, grabbing a microphone and joining Travis, who is playing the drums in this graffiti-filled backlot.

A few scenes later, we’re transported to a party that STACY’s attending, but throughout every scene, these creepy, demonic Mickey Mouse-looking creatures seem to follow him around everywhere he goes. Eventually, a girl he was getting close with at the party takes things to the bedroom, but when things start getting hot and heavy, horns grow out of her forehead and she turns into a devilish character which obviously prompts STACY to flee the scene. Things come to an end as Travis picks STACY up from the function, speeding out of the frame before crashing into something leaving STACY lying on the ground.

Considering this track has been high up on my list for quite some time since it released, they could have literally shown a wall with paint drying and I would’ve been captivated. Luckily, though, Mooch did a magnificent job of not only bringing a wonderful music video to life, but there was also an underlying storyline that matched the Punk vibes that this track so clearly exudes. From what I’ve heard, this is a single off of an upcoming collaborative project from STACY and Travis, but until I know that this is confirmed, I’m just going to keep my eyes peeled and continue playing “Hills Have Eyes” on repeat until my ears begin to bleed.