Hikari Storm – [v7backin2007]

In music — and more specifically, rap — “regional sounds” are often what governs the way that artists are grouped together. Sonic blueprints create a hypothetical “map” of which sounds come out of which places, and furthermore, these categorizations help to round out certain aspects of an artist’s identity.

Every once in a while, however, there’s an outlier. An artist who crosses boundaries, blends sounds, and more often than not, pushes the needle forward by embracing and establishing a sound outside of the norm. Hailing from the UK, one of my favorite outliers right now goes by the name of v7backin2007. Today, I’m here to highlight my current favorite release from the budding talent, “Hikari Storm,” as introduced to me by none other than¬†Genesis Garcia.

Backed by quite possibly the hardest beat I’ve heard all year — courtesy of Omari Lyseight — “Hikari Storm” is a sinister offering, meshing American sonic influences with cadences stemming from the UK. Each line arrives with a tower of raw force, and only adding fuel to the fire, the deliveries are sparse, emphasizing the blunt presence of every word. As a result, this border-blurring release sheds a bright light on the UK native’s undeniable allure, all the way from the striking visuals to its masterful intersection of pure aggression and calculated flows. Oh, and just to inform readers as to how impressive this is, v7backin2007 is only 16 years old, according to the video’s YouTube comments.

That said, as a whole, “Hikari Storm” is a roaring release and one that could truly act as a missing piece in the infusion of UK rap into the U.S. With the right eyes on this one, v7backin2007 will be sure to turn heads.

Watch the electrifying visuals for “Hikari Storm” below!

Written by Voldy Moyo
Produced by Omari Lyseight
Directed by ReelFake and MatterResearch