We don’t get a new release from Virginia’s CMRNPRKR everyday, but when we do, it might as well be considered a holiday. My first introduction to CMRNPRKR’s music was at the beginning of last year when I was in Virginia Beach for a show and he was one of the artists performing. Generally speaking, I keep enough of an eye on the 757 music scene to know what I was getting into and would at least recognize most of the acts, but unbeknownst to me I was about to get put on to one of the most slept-on up-and-comers from the area. Fast forward to after that show when I began to dig into his discography and I was immediately hooked on his most recent release at the time, “WNGSPRDR”, which has never left my rotation of steady listens since. Now the time has come for a new era of CMRNPRKR music to unveil, so I’m beyond stoked to be able to give him his flowers on the site today. 

Delivering the unmatched energy and confidence that we’ve come to know and love out of CMRNPRKR over the last few years, the Suffolk native takes command in his new single, “HIIIGHER”, which you need to get your ears on ASAP. Establishing himself once again as one of the most intriguing rappers rising out of the state of Virginia, CMRNPRKR comes through with his signature flow in “HIIIGHER” that cuts through the noise like a warm knife in butter. A silky-smooth delivery combined with his crystal clear, yet impactful storytelling ability, I always compare CMRNPRKR to J. Cole because he doesn’t need to be cryptic or over-analytical to get his points across. Speaking on the song’s importance, CMRNPRKR had this to say: “it represents the time the light went off in my head to really bet on myself. A direct reflection of where I currently am in my life and career. I consider it an anthem to growth.” As the song goes on, CMRNRPRKR not only counteracts the head-knocking drums brought to us by Mathaius Young with his potent flows, but he further delivers by showcasing his ear for contagious melodies in the hook. Heating up just in time for the summer months ahead, CMRNPRKR did the year and a half long wait for new music justice with “HIIIGHER” as this one is going to leave you all on notice. 

Be sure to check out “HIIIGHER” below along with the crazy visual brought to us by OG FILMS, Jordan Dunman, and Sergio Lorenzana!