High As I – [Shawn K]

One thing you don’t often hear about in the hip-hop world is someone being selfless or not in it for attention. If you really take a second to think about it, most people get into music either for the money, the fame, the attention, and more often than not, a mixture of all three. Rarely does someone work in the shadows without asking for an ounce of the spotlight, and if they do claim this before putting in the work, they might change their mind once they see someone else basking in the glory that they had a part in building.

Cleveland’s Shawn K is the one exception that I can think of because he opted to take a break from releasing his own music to be a vital part in the creation of some of your favorite artists’ endeavors without ever looking to be the face of the campaign. Shawn has played a part in things such as the Revenge of the Dreamers III collaborative album, Denzel Curry’s Melt My Eyez See Your Future effort, Meechy Darko’s (of Flatbush Zombies) Gothic Luxury, and even EARTHGANG’s GHETTO GODS album.

When not directly creating music, he has acted as an A&R for production placements and even served as the tour manager for Jasiah, so not only has he worn many more hats than any other artist in the music world, but he has learned the business in many different forms which is certainly going to prove to be a virtue as he dives back into his own music with energy and determination.

A few weeks back, the homie sent me his record “High As I”, and I admittedly lost track of it in the hustle and bustle that is my inbox, but when I went to double check on any overlooked music, this was one song I didn’t want to miss out on. The self-produced track isn’t traditionally what I would listen to on my own, but I realized that Shawn’s unique, intoxicating tone is just as interesting, if not more interesting than anything I’d play myself on a normal day.

The instrumental features a fascinating acoustic guitar melody with an infectious whistle and a wild west-sounding aesthetic that I positively love. It serves as some wonderful footing for Shawn too, because his voice contains this gritty, slightly country-inspired sound that has attitude and character. Whether he’s singing, rapping, or highlighting any of his countless other aptitudes, Shawn is as individualistic, talented, and innovative as I could’ve ever hoped for, which makes me beyond keen to tune into the rest of his music as he continues to work on new tracks and craft his solo career into the great profession that he is so obviously destined for.