High 4 U – [Artemas]

Artemas’ Spotify bio reads “Wannabe-popstar.” It’s a humorous tagline rooted in ambition, and one that might be brushed off until you actually hear the Oxford native’s music. Most recently, Artemas released a brand new single by the name of “High 4 U,” and if not anything else, it’s a clear reason why that bio is far from just some words on a screen.

Right under three minutes in length, “High 4 U” pushes forth an almost tortured love story, with metaphoric lyrics that emphasize the infectious nature of the love interest at hand. It’s a combination of vivid storytelling and fervent emotion, and one that only runs deeper when you add in such rich production and astounding vocal runs – all of which come together to form a unique, repeat-worthy release.

Needless to say, in both sonics and meaning, “High 4 U” looks, sounds, and feels like a massively promising step toward Artemas’ popstar future. For now, it’s “Wannabe-popstar” in his bios. But if he continues on this path, Oxford’s own might just get there.

Tune in for the ride and check out “High 4 U” at the link provided below:

Produced by Artemas and Kev White