“HI TECH” – [BEAM] ft. [VALEE]

It’s been almost three years since Jamaican-born singer/rapper BEAM released his debut record 95 – an electrifying and cinematic blend of hip-hop, R&B, and dancehall. 95 showcased the near-prodigal songwriting and performing talent the young artist had to offer, and it’s clear others began to notice immediately. Over the next few years, BEAM would work with artists like AUDREY NUNA, Justin Bieber, and even Pop Smoke – with every feature propelling his career while making restless fans even more ravenous for his next release. This week – our prayers are answered, and BEAM’s sophomore LP ALIEN has arrived.

With the string of successes BEAM has had over the past few years, ALIEN feels much more like a victory lap than a warm welcome home. His unique synthesis of contemporary hip-hop and Caribbean styles is just as infectious as it was in the halcyon pre-pandemic days of bumping “Lost” and “2×2” – but this time around BEAM is much more willing to take risks in the tracks he offers fans. While admittedly not as hip-hop-leaning as its predecessor, ALIEN is a tightly woven and carefully-composed product full of tracks made for fans both old and new, and “HI TECH” is a perfect testament to this.

“HI TECH” is one of the handful of pure hip-hop tracks that BEAM places on his newest record, and joined by Chicago-rapper Valee, the two offer an off-kilter and experimental banger primed for your weekly rotation. The CHASETHEMONEY-produced banger is minimalistic and ominous, laid-back but still instilled with the confidence and energy that you’d expect from BEAM and Valee. Beam’s constantly morphing flow and Valee’s dulcet tones make this a standout track from the album – though ALIEN is decorated with a healthy dose of tracks that aren’t to be missed this year. Clocking in at around an hour-long, am I selfish for hoping we won’t have to wait another three years for the next BEAM album?

Check out the standout “HI TECH” from BEAM’s newest LP ALIEN below.