Hi Hater – [Tgoody]

From the city of Providence, Rhode Island, Tgoody is defying the norms and breathing life into the scene. Tgoody is a musician whose songs are a testament to resilience, authenticity, and sheer talent. His sound is refreshingly unique in an industry often criticized for its lack of originality. His authenticity cuts through the noise, bringing a refreshing divergence from the “weak” state of the contemporary music scene, as he terms it. Instead of following trends, Tgoody’s approach to his artistry is authentic, anchored in his life experiences. This approach resonates with his audience and allows him to stand out in an overcrowded industry. His release, ‘Hi Hater’, featuring ExUpNext, is a testament to his unique sound and fearless authenticity. Recorded amidst an ambiance characterized by late-night vibes, an abundance of weed, and the enveloping aroma of backwoods, ‘Hi Hater’ captures Tgoody’s nonconforming spirit. The standout bar “You ain’t never seen a hundit bands, you ain’t never stood tall when you were in a jam,” speaks volumes about the essence of Tgoody’s musicality.

Watch the music video for Tgoody’s “Hi Hater” for yourself after the break.