HI – [diiiiiesel]

There are very few artists who have the power to drop something and instantly have my attention no matter what it is, where I’m at, or whatever mood I might be in. Certain names include hyperpop acts like glaive, ericdoa, midwxst, and aldn, but there are definitely other talents who I have no choice but to show love to when they drop. One of the more promising up-and-comers is diiiiiesel, and yes, that’s five I’s, but this is one of the least unique things about his music considering just how out of the box he approaches his creative process.

I also love showing off hometown up-and-comers like him, because it’s artists like diiiiiesel that make me proud to be from Chicago, and he is undeniably pushing the boundaries of music with every new release he puts out into the world. What’s even more impressive is the fact that he is a one-man machine, not only delivering intriguing vocals, but also handling every other part of the process himself including production, mixing, and he even often creates his own cover arts as well, making sure that he has a hand in every single creative portion of his songs and projects.

Although he used to be much more elusive, he has been putting out more and more music as time goes on, and most recently, he’s back with an unforgettable new track entitled “HI”, and the results are even better than I expected. In the production, he utilizes some lighthearted, cheery melodies that combine with chattering hats and claps as well as deep, cavernous 808s that come together unbelievably well. In the hook, diiiiiesel shares a simple phrase over and over, delivering his message with a tranquil coolness about himself, suggesting that there isn’t a care in the world for this rising star.

Things truly diversify as he gets into his verses, though, considering he changes his tone of voice and delivery to a bit of a muddier, more raspy style that shows off his versatility and complexity even before he gets into some cadences that are impressive and addicting. Despite the fact that the song itself is a masterpiece, I feel like the instrumental is one of the most appealing parts of this track aside from some of the new flows he incorporates, making “HI” yet another flawless record from the blossoming Windy City phenom.