Hey Dad – [Maddy Davis]

I’m not quite sure what’s gotten into me today, but I’ve decided to venture into the indie/pop space a little bit more than usual. While slightly out of the norm for me, great music is great music and that’s exactly what’s led me to covering New Jersey born, L.A. based artist, Maddy Davis. I was introduced to Maddy’s music a few months ago when she released her single, “Sk8er Boi”, an ode to Avril Lavigne’s legendary tune with her own new-age twist, and I walked away quite intrigued. Fast forward to now and her newest single solidifies her talents in my mind as someone who needs to be on your radar, so I’m thrilled to be covering her brand new single on this fine Wednesday afternoon!

Her first original single of the year, “Hey Dad”, is a record that Maddy co-wrote and co-produced alongside Matty Houck, whom she’s worked with quite a lot recently – including on “Sk8er Boi”.  In “Hey Dad”, Maddy tells the story of not always living up to your parents’ expectations despite knowing that the path you’re on is the right one for you. A narrative that many in creative fields can relate to, the recent USC Thornton graduate opens the song up with a message to her dad that explains that the two aren’t necessarily on the same page about what she should do with her future. While many parents might want their children to do something a little less risky, Maddy bets all of her chips on her dreams to pursue a career in music which comes at the dismay of her father who’d prefer she’d focus on something a little less adventurous. Ultimately, the underlying message of the track is that only you know what is best for you and you have to chase what your heart tells you to even if that doesn’t get the full support of those closest to you. 

Exploring and emulating imperfection throughout the song, Maddy not only communicates the song’s message through her lyrics and storytelling, but she also does so through the record’s sonics. Implored through the song’s angst, intentional distortion, and production imperfections, Maddy made calculated decisions through the song’s creation to push the boundaries of how her message could be delivered. Throughout “Hey Dad”, we hear clear frustration in her tone and production which likely represents the internal battle/conflict she experiences with her father’s disapproval.  As the song progresses, we hear a ton of creative experimentation and punk flairs that solidify in my mind that the future of Davis is beyond bright, so I’m excited for you all to tap in with her journey and check out “Hey Dad” using the links below!