Hey Babe – [itsoverjorden]

I’m beginning to love discovering rawer newer artists with standout sounds more than ever now. My mind just starts working and thinking of all the different possibilities and directions you can build out their music with. I got these same feelings when I pushed play on rising artist itsoverjorden’s newest single entitled “Hey Babe.” This track is executed and arranged so well that you end up being surprised that Jorden has less than 100 monthly listeners on Spotify. I also feel in today’s music landscape it’s becoming a lot harder to find dope eye and ear-catching rock artists like Jorden. “Hey Babe” smacks you in the face from the beginning and emits that classic gritty style of rock music we grew accustomed to in the 90s and 00s era of rock. On top of that itsoverjorden’s voice just embodies the whole aura of this record in general and he executes this song to perfection.

Stream itsoverjorden’s new record “Hey Babe” for yourself after the break.