Here On My Own – [Flood] x [8485]

In an age where “super-producers” are the norm – those that are able to craft just as many astounding original tracks as they are with already-existing songs – the idea of an individual putting their own spin on a previously released track and practically elevating it to its highest degree imaginable is nothing new at all. But even in saying this, that does not undervalue how incredible these instances are when they do indeed happen, especially when the resulting product is so rich with appeal and quality alike. 

That is exactly the case with the ever-rising and ever-so-talented Flood and their latest track “Here On My Own” with 8485; the two were able to take an already-solidified offering and enhance it to some simply unfounded levels of artistic weight, thus creating one of the absolute best singles of the entire year in the process. 

This aforementioned past song in this light comes in the form of the iconic “Here On My Own” by the equally-influential producer Swardy — whose melancholic and muted original rendition of the song stands on its own as one of the most outstanding facets in an already-dense enough discography as it is. 

But Flood and 8485 take the previously mentioned aspects that defined the original song and simultaneously stay true to the original composition while going above and beyond to make this new offering simply breathtaking in its own right. This new rendition does indeed keep those soft and down-to-earth qualities about it in some places, but it truly reaches its peak when Flood’s production becomes more and more anthemic and momentous as the song progresses — an approach that would have been unexpected only knowing the original song, but one that payed off in droves due to Flood’s immense prowess on production. 

Eighty’s vocal performance here is essentially the cherry on top of the rich product that Flood was able to provide themselves; the always-dynamic vocal presence that she carries again shines bright once again here, as her soft, yet direct inflection matches perfectly with the song’s most relaxing portions, but also reaches a resounding peak as the track does the same from an instrumental standpoint. 

What ends up resulting is, without question, one of the most blissful and joyous songs to be released this year. These two exceeded in their own lanes at such a remarkable level, that it just begs for another go-around on another cover in this light.