Here Comes The Cowboy – [Mac Demarco]

Mac Demarco is someone I can always count on to drop a great project. He knows who he is as an artist, he knows what purpose he serves, and over the years he’s continued to hone in on his skills and grow. He doesn’t disappoint with Here Comes The Cowboy, the first album released on “Mac’s Record Label.”

His last full-length record, This Old Dog, saw a more somber and reflective Mac, and this project is somewhat a continuation of that. The production on here tends to be pretty minimal, but the instrumentation is still well-arranged and enjoyable. Everything Mac does choose to implement on the production side of things works in his favor, like the understated synths backing the hook of “Heart To Heart” and the keyboard melody from “On The Square”.

Mac’s sincerity in his songwriting is as present as ever. On Here Comes The Cowboy, we see him reflecting on how the past has affected him, but also optimistically looking forward to the future. He understands that certain parts of his life are no more, and he tends to appreciate that they happened rather than getting down about it.

This is definitely a must-listen for any fan of Mac Demarco, as he continues to fill a niche while taking some risks that pay off. He released this just in time for summer, and if his past projects are any indication, I’m sure I’ll be spinning this quite a bit over the next few months. Check it out below: