Henry Church – [Joseph Chilliams]

After weeks of anticipation, Chicago’s own Joseph Chilliams has finally let loose his debut album “Henry Church,” and it’s safe to say it was definitely worth the wait. Laced with a steady 13 tracks, Chilliams brought the whole city aboard with a massive line-up of features including MfnMelo, Jamila Woods, NoName, Supa Bwe and the late DinnerWithJohn who appears on the closing track “Charlie Murphy.” To add to that, the list of producers is just as impressive with DaeDaePivot, Cory Grindberg, Sen Morimoto & Saba to name only a few of the many contributors to the decorated project. It should be no surprise to anyone that Joseph didn’t let up for a second on the album, as each track was graced with catchy lyricism infused with humor, wittiness and all-around energy such as the slapper with Saba & Kevo B titled “Werewolf” which was undoubtedly a standout record. This is only the beginning for the Austin-based artist, and I can tell you right now he’s on the verge of making a huge splash once this project makes its rounds. Nevertheless, be sure to check out the “Henry Church” album immediately and let us know which track was your favorite in the comments section below!