help herself – [bbno$] & [Diamond Pistols]

Over the past few years, we have witnessed bbno$ blossom from internet weirdo to a bonafide popstar, a come up few would have predicted early on in his career. Since becoming a near household name, the legend that is bbno$ has pushed himself to create music that sounds completely fresh. His latest single titled “help herself” see’s the Canadian icon enter into new territory, a full-on pop song that I hope takes over the airwaves as much as any of his rap has.

If you know anything about bbno$, it’s that his work ethic is on another level. He never seems to slow down developing his sound and even though his catalog is deep already, I don’t think we’ve even begun to scratch the surface of what he will become. This song enlists Diamond Pistols to produce this pleasant song with lyrics that can relate to anybody who has found themselves in a dysfunctional relationship headed for disaster.

The arpeggiating acoustic guitar strings that set up the foundation of this beat make you feel euphoric until the bbno$’s words begin to resonate. It’s the beginning of a new year, with that being said I hope 2021 is packed full with more music from bbno$ that gets him to that Justin Bieber status he’s destined for.

Listen to “help herself” on all platforms here!