It seems like over the past few years, especially when the pandemic unfortunately rocked most of our worlds, music has taken a pivot in an unexpected yet amazing direction, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. It just seems like a new generation of artists came onto the scene and realized that there are literally no boundaries or rules that you need to conform to, and you can make whatever the hell kind of music you want, regardless of what the old heads might think of it.

I became fully obsessed with hyperpop over the last year or so, but there are a few other sounds that I can’t get enough of, one of them being this new pop-punk, rock, hip-hop, and electronic style that I can’t quite put a label on, and that’s exciting in and of itself. I’m always looking for artists who push the limit, and after being a fan of the legendary producer BigHead for years and years, I knew I had to tap in with KiLLKODY, an emcee that has worked closely with the seasoned hitmaker in recent history.

The project I found was his SoundCloud exclusive entitled HELLRAISER, an EP that might only contain 4 songs, but they’re all straight-up hits and I couldn’t have been more captivated by it. Every single track seems to get more energetic than its predecessor, combining energetic, electronic, and airy synths with piercing percussion and absolutely blaring drums for an eventful yet perfect foundation for KODY, thanks to producers like hurtboy, bred, lambda, matt1k, diorwinter, and HiHeartz, to name a handful.

I got some Playboi Carti WLR vibes from much of the production on this record, yet KODY makes sure to put his own unique spin on things and show off the fact that he is one of the most intriguing and addicting personalities in the entire music scene, even if he’s still a growing talent. He even recruits other rising underground talents like zellyocho, chxpo, lil wop, and caspr to accompany him on the various songs, making it a community affair that leaves enough room for every emcee to show off their unique and individualistic sounds. HELLRAISER might be my very first taste of KiLLKODY’s music, but it’s definitely more than enough to get me excited to listen to as much as I can, and I highly suggest you do the same after you peep this awesome new EP.