HELLO THERE — [Corbin, Lil Tracy, Black Kray]

A graveyard is made for goodbyes, but “Hello There” is an invitation to new beginnings.

As the Lyrical Lemonade Album looms closer, its third lead single is perhaps our most immersive and legendary yet. Tailor-made to be an intro track (*wink wink*), Corbin, Lil Tracy and Black Kray find light amid darkness ahead of our debut compilation’s third (and final?) offering.

Interpolating blink-182’s “I Miss You” — fittingly on the same night as their new album ONE MORE TIME (Oct. 20) — “Hello There” is a stark yet stunning contrast of melancholy and beauty. Waning with somber guitar slides, fizzled sub-bass and cinematic ghostly ad-libs, Corbin calls out from the depths first, trying to find his “reoccurring nightmare.” Lil Tracy endures  “paralyzing heartbreak,” stealing the show on the track’s dreamscape hook — taking the most recognizable part of blink’s “I Miss You” to new heights. “If I die before you die, maybe I’ll be the ghost inside your bed,” he croons, as Black Kray’s brash autotune and warbled bars accompany the soft-switched beat change on the track’s back-half.

Behind The Scenes of Corbin, Lil Tracy & Black Kray’s “Hello There” Music Video

Simply put, this song is made for the big screen, as Cole Bennett and co. bring forth a calming world enveloped in fright on “Hello There’s” coinciding visual. Spotting skeletons loosely scattered in a graveyard, scary movie hues and the now-infamous yellow curtain, black suits and matching yellow ties all in tow, “Hello There” sees Bennett, Black Kray, Corbin and Tracy craft a moving masterpiece. Check out the behind the scenes on set.

The album is almost here… and if you haven’t spun “Doomsday” or “Guitar In My Room” yet, “Hello There” makes for an eternal first impression.

Check out “Hello There” below!