Hellbent – [PROM D8]

A quick listen to PROM D8’s discography so far offers just a glimpse at the range of sounds that the Chicago-based band has up their sleeves, and now, they’ve refined those sounds even more with their latest single, “Hellbent”. 

Falling into the group’s unique mix of rap, electronic, and goth influences, “Hellbent” leaves a listener with plenty to be excited for from PROM D8 as they continue to tap into the aspects of their music that set them outside of genre boundaries. Namely, the collage of soothing melody, aggressive flow, and haunting lyricism coalesces nicely on this song. It’s a difficult challenge to get all of these elements to work in harmony together, but PROM D8 proves to have a steady handle on all the styles at their disposal. The energy on “Hellbent” rises and subsides in a natural wave, and the band sounds less concerned with following a predetermined song format and instead letting the emotion of the track decide where to go next. The result is a punchy, energetic first half that dissolves into a eerily blissful conclusion—it’s a lot to pull off in just under 3-minutes but the group does it with finesse and imprints their name in a listener’s memory in the process. 

Listen to “Hellbent” below and keep an eye out for the group’s next single “High” this Friday.