hell bent – [DavidTheTragic]

The name DavidTheTragic should certainly not be unfamiliar to you. Establishing himself as one of Atlanta’s most exciting up-and-comers, DavidTheTragic has continuously set a firm precedent for himself as an artist who checks off all the boxes. His bullet-proof style of lyricism is always penetrating in its ability to cut through to your core. Unsurprisingly, his newest single, “hell bent,” which was released with the accompanying music video, brings to life the transparent nature of the song’s subject matter. The DIY style of visual delivery further emphasizes the honest nature of the song’s spirit, combining bop inducing basslines with transparent storytelling. DavidTheTragic said the below about his new single, saying,
“I wanted to drop something that folks could ride 2 and relate 2. ‘hell bent’ is more vulnerable and transparent and that’s the theme of the album I got coming in December. I wanted to tap into that and give people something honest & real that they can really feel, while still having that bounce. Also shout-out to wzrd who produced the beat and planetshubh who directed the video and brought the concept to life.” 

Watch the new visual for “hell bent” by DavidTheTragic below.